Top Hiiumaa attractions for one day road trip

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Top Hiiumaa attractions for one day road trip

Summer in Estonia is not complete without a proper road trip to one of it’s many islands! As much as I love Saaremaa – the largest island – Hiiumaa has always been my favorite.

It has a special atmosphere and unique culture. Once you get off ferry and let all the fast drivers pass by, you will have the road all to yourself. Everything is so near, you can circle the island in just one day while enjoying it’s best spots. I have gathered my favorite Hiiumaa points of interest.

It is noteworthy to mention that the best beaches are well hidden! Moreover, you will most certainly leave the island with a steady wish to come back again. We had a whole day to explore and made it to some of the most famous attractions of this beautiful island.

Top Hiiumaa attractions for one day road tripKõpu Lighthouse

Perhaps the most famous Hiiumaa attraction is Kõpu Lighthouse. It is also one of the oldest lighthouses in the world (in use since 1531). Due to its location on the East-West shipping Lane, it played an important role in ensuring safety of all ships passing by.

Today, you can ascend to the top for an extra fee in order to observe the beauty of the nearby forests and beaches.

Top Hiiumaa attractions for one day road trip

Ristna Surfers Beach

Very nice beach with long quay stretching into the sea. It’s also called Surfers Beach or Surfers Paradise – when the wind is strong enough, surfers come here to have fun and practice. There are few beach cabins for rent, as well as equipment and instructors.

Top Hiiumaa attractions for one day road trip

Lest & Lammas Grill

The day we decided to visit Hiiumaa turned out to be a popular date – most cafes and restaurants were booked for weddings or birthdays, leaving us with little choice in terms of places to eat.

After some research and asking the locals, we were directed to a nice, cozy restaurant with amazing outdoor terrace called Lest & Lammas. I tried the fish soup (Island cuisine is fish, obviously) and my friend got Shashlyk (grilled meat on a stick). Both were really good, as well as their cake!

You can also buy some smoked flounder (fish) as a take away – recommend!

Top Hiiumaa attractions for one day road trip

Sculpture of great Giant Leiger

According to Estonian folklore, Leiger was a great Giant who lived in Hiiumaa. His statue can be found right next to Lest & Lammas restaurant in the Southern part of the island. By the way, the newest ferry connecting the island with Mainland Estonia got the same name.

Top Hiiumaa attractions for one day road trip

Ristimägi (Cross Hill)

We discovered this place on our way to Kõpu and decided to have a look as the name sounded intriguing. The story around this place is interesting – the first cross was placed by swedes who were forced to leave the island back in 1781.

Since then, it was a place where every man who was leaving the island could set his own cross. Nowadays it is the other way around – people who come here for the first time create a cross to leave their mark. You will see hundreds of crosses made from every possible material!

Interesting, even a bit spiritual and unusual place – certainly worth a quick visit!

Top Hiiumaa attractions for one day road trip

Lots of windmills

Don’t make too many plans when driving around Hiiumaa. Let the island surprise you. On the way to another cafe we suddenly discovered this beautiful windmill right next to the highway. What a beauty! The area was well maintained with picknick table, small parking lot, trash bins.

Top Hiiumaa attractions for one day road trip

Perfect camping spot

You can (and should!) camp on Hiiumaa whenever the weather is permitting. When it comes to choosing the perfect spot for camping, we came across very nice area called RMK Tõrvanina camping grounds.

RMK camping is designated camping spots, free of charge, where you are officially allowed to set up your tent. In summer months, these spots get crowded very fast, so make sure to arrive as early as possible.

Depending on circumstances, you may or may not have a possibility to park your car nearby. Usually, facilities such as toilets can be found somewhere nearby the parking lots.

The view was amazing and we could camp right on the beach, few meters from the water line. Summer skies are amazing at nights and you can observe millions of stars!

Top Hiiumaa attractions for one day road trip

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